Letter of 11 June 2013 to Roastbeef Productions

June 11, 2013 
Danielle Clark 
Roast Beef Productions 
22 Denmark Street 
By Email
Dear Ms. Clark: 
This letter follows my letter of May 29, 2013 in which I outlined the actual activities of the Church of Scientology that you have ignored to date. 
Given the tenor of the promotion of your upcoming documentary on Marty Rathbun, I gather (although you have never confirmed this to our legal representatives) that some portion of the program will make certain claims regarding Mr. David Miscavige, the Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center and the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. 
Our legal representatives have repeatedly asked you for the details about those claims and have never received a satisfactory response. 
Nevertheless, to have an apostate expelled from the Church speak about the ecclesiastical leader of his former Church is ludicrous. An apostate of the Church of England would not be a qualified source of opinion on the Archbishop of Canterbury. And so it is here, with Rathbun, a decade after leaving the Church, speaking about the leader of our religion who exercises his great religious responsibilities 24/7 (and who personally removed Rathbun from any position of authority). 
The only thing Rathbun would have to say about the man who removed him would be spiteful and bitter. 
There is no war in Scientology. There is a religion based on scripture written by the Founder. The Scripture states that the Church and the religion are one and the same. 
Mr. Miscavige has occupied a unique position in the history of the Scientology religion. Just as there can be only one Founder, the individual who takes that Founder’s dream and shepherds the faith through the years immediately following the death of the Founder, is the person on whose shoulders depends the very survival of that faith. Mr. Miscavige is that individual for the Church of Scientology. 
Mr. Miscavige works for—and answers to—Scientology’s millions of parishioners. He is unrelenting in serving their interests and the interests of the religion by implementing Mr. Hubbard’s plans and strategies, while devoting every spare moment to the restoration of Mr. Hubbard’s technology and its dissemination to the public. Mr. Miscavige’s far-reaching vision and unrelenting dedication have brought the Church so far and so fast. 
Mr. Miscavige has been the driving force behind the worldwide program to expand all of the Churches of Scientology to better serve as central points for the Church’s many social betterment programs (which I separately wrote you about), aimed at eradicating the crippling plagues of illiteracy, immorality, drug abuse and intolerance. Mr. Miscavige redefines the term “religious leader” to fit the tasks necessary to direct a truly contemporary religion. The Church’s growth has continued at a phenomenal rate in this century. All of this is being accomplished through the extraordinary vision of Mr. Miscavige who: 
  • Personally drives the international dissemination of Scientology; 
  • Ensures that the Scripture of the Scientology religion is pure and true to the Founder’s original writings; 
  • Calls for the establishment of units to see to the translation of millions of pages of the Scientology Scripture into 71 languages; 
  • Oversees the restoration of Mr. Hubbard’s written works, recorded lectures and films of his lectures; 
  • Provides the guidance for the acquisition, construction and creation of ideal Scientology organizations; 
  • Supplies the direction for the creation of two state-of-the-art digital publishing houses capable of producing 1.3 million books and 1 million CDs per week; 
  • Provides the spirit for crafting, refining and broadening core Scientology social betterment programs in drug education and rehabilitation, education, criminal rehabilitation and human rights; 
  • Provides fundamental support and guidance to the Volunteer Minister Program; 
  • Plans, creates, produces and presides over nine annual globally broadcast events that serve as briefings for Scientologists on strategic programs, campaigns, expansion, dissemination and major breakthroughs. Such is the stamp of Mr. Miscavige in fulfilling the vision and legacy of L. Ron Hubbard and such is the encapsulated story of his leadership. 
Mr. Hubbard saw to it that the Church would not fall into hostile hands so the religion could move on into perpetuity—always remaining true to its teachings. To that end, the Religious Technology Center was formed to hold the Scientology and Dianetics trademarks and to preserve, maintain and protect the Scientology religion. Mr. Hubbard personally selected Mr. Miscavige to shepherd the church and act as a Trustee of that Church organization. 
Since Mr. Hubbard’s passing in 1986, it has been Mr. Miscavige who has steered Scientology through those difficult days, who secured the Church’s survival by obtaining recognition by the United States government and ushering Scientology onto the global stage. 
Since then, Mr. Miscavige has steadfastly carried forth L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy, until Scientology now stands as the only major religion to emerge in this modern age. 
I am separately forwarding to you audio-visual materials covering each of the activities I took up in my May 29, 2013 letter. These include: 
  • The opening of 37 new Ideal Churches of Scientology; 
  • The dedication of a new National Affairs Office of the Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C.; 
  • The restoration and renovations of the Church of Scientology, Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida; 
  • The refit of the Church of Scientology’s religious retreat, Sea Organization Motor Vessel Freewinds
  • The establishment of state of the art all-digital publication facilities in Los Angeles and Copenhagen; 
  • The establishment of a 185,000 square-foot printing plant for Church of Scientology promotional materials and related items; 
  • The establishment of full audio-visual and film production studios responsible for producing motion pictures and video properties about Scientology. 
These are the real accomplishments of the Church of Scientology. 
Scientology is a movement the likes of which is not happening in any other religion on Earth. 
There is no war in Scientology. There is a religion; its accomplishments evidenced in the material I am forwarding to you. 
I trust that these will be accurately portrayed in your documentary. 


Karin Pouw
Church of Scientology International